Get Brighter, Younger-Looking eyes in just 7 minutes with E.M.S Micro-Current

17'300+ Satisfied Clients

"For a Hollywood Star look from the comfort of your own home, without surgery".

Look 10 years younger

Fights puffiness under the eyes

Eliminates crow's feet and signs of ageing

Stimulates collagen production

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The ultimate E.M.S microcurrent for an age-defying eye contour that eliminates:

Eye Bags

Dark circles

Crow's feet

The world's first face pods with E.M.S. technology

Microcurrent stimulation gently massages the eye contour area to lift and tone it.

Electrostimulation reduces dark circles under the eyes and sculpts facial muscles....

so your eyes look up to 10 years younger and more natural.

Eliminates dark circles and puffiness under the eyes

Revitalises the eye contour

Regenerates epidermal cells

Firms facial muscles

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Trust Dermatologists, Celebrities and People Like You Around the World

With our EyePulse™, you can say goodbye to tired, dull eyes...

and have a look without dark circles or bags under the eyes.

EyePulse™ E.M.S Micro-Current...

is used by dermatologists in clinics to rapidly rejuvenate the skin.

And now you can have it at home with no appointment, no waiting, no hassle...

Improve your appearance

Light up your eyes

Get Instant Results Backed by Science

Safe and with no contraindications

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How to use it

10-minute training session, 3 times a week

Step 1: Preparation

Make sure the device is charged, put a little gel or serum on your face and apply the pods.

Step 2: Wearing the mask

Place the device over your eyes and relax.
The treatment will last 7 minutes, after which the device will switch off automatically.

Step 3: End of treatment

Wipe the device with a warm cloth and wash your face with lukewarm water.

Refill your EyePulse™ so it's ready for another treatment.

The results you'll see on your skin

91% reduction in under-eye bags

"I've always hated my eye wrinkles.

I've tried expensive, non-aggressive treatments.

As soon as I saw these EyePulse, I didn't hesitate to buy it and it turned out to be a good choice,
I'm finally seeing the first little wrinkles go away, I'm satisfied."

93% Saw Smoother, clearer eye contours

"This has easily been the best investment I have ever made!

I feel so much more confident and comfortable in my skin, my eyes look so much better than they ever have, my skin is so much smoother!"

96% reduction in crow's feet and fine lines

"I had huge pockets, I tried everything, creams...serums, devices, oils etc...

They all proved useless but these EyePulse were the only ones to really help me, thank you."

All-inclusive treatment kit

1) Control centre with 9 different modes.
2) 4x Large reusable adhesive pads (for cheeks, jawline, chin and neck)
3) 4x Small reusable adhesive pads (for the eye area and crow's feet)
4) Conductive cables
5) USB cable
6) Quick Start Guide
- To help you get the most out of EyePulse

For best results, We recommend using EyePulse with our #1 rated…

Electro GEL

While some customers use EyePulse with just water (to conduct gentlemicro pulses)...
It’s well known that electrical current skincare works best when used in combination with an activator gel, which acts as a conductor:

Drawing the current DEEPER into the muscle areas, for more targeted toning!

Draw the microcurrent deeper into the skin.

Gel with 100% Natural Ingredients: Aloe Vera extract

Moisturises and smoothes the skin after treatment

Why choose us


We ship our products free of charge, worldwide, within 5/8 working days.


Our product has been approved and tested, and its technology is certified.


If you are not satisfied with the product, you can request a 100% refund within 90 days of delivery.

Ready to experience a "Hollywood look" with the EMS n°1 Micro-Current device?

EyePulse™ from the comfort of your home


Lift, smooth and tone your skin

Eliminates dark circles and crow's feet

The first eye care device with E.M.S.

"The world's first device that really eliminates the bags under your eyes".

"Microcurrent is the best natural solution for sculpting the eye area, and EyePulse uses it perfectly."

"A treatment for the skin of the eyes that causes no side effects and can be done at home".

"Their EMS device is a game-changer".

More than 17,000 customers use Eyepulse™️

More than 17,000 women have already bought Eyepulse and are delighted with it!

What are you waiting for? Buy yours now!

What our clients say about EyePulse™️...

Kate P


A wonderful piece of equipment that has helped to rejuvenate my appearance.

Delivery was quick, even in Scotland, and it was well packaged.

I've told my friends to buy it!

Nancy S.


Really nice device, very good quality and exactly as described with fast delivery.

It also has beautiful packaging and is nice to look at.

Lucy S.


Bought for me and my husband, they've been great.

I love the micro-current sensation and I wake up without dark circles under my eyes.

Hellen L.


I love these Eyepulses.

I've always had dark circles but these make them disappear.

Kate P


I've been suffering from dark circles and wrinkles under my eyes for years and haven't found an effective solution that suits me.

As I wanted to avoid plastic surgery, I was sceptical about Eyepulse.

I was sceptical about Eyepulse, but it worked on my skin and I've already noticed improvements after 3 weeks.

Tip: start with the lowest mode and gradually increase.


Nancy S.


The product arrived in 12 days. I started using Eyepulse almost a month ago and I can already see improvements in my skin.

It's much more lifted and relaxed. Thank you Paerly!

Lucy S.


Goodbye to my puffy eye bags!

I tried lots of creams and serums but nothing worked....

I'm 48 now and my skin is completely rejuvenated, an innovative device.

Hellen L.


I recommend this product to all women who, like me, have wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.

It has helped me a lot and I recommend it. 8/10

90-day money-back or results guarantee

Take up the challenge risk-free and discover the power of Eyepulse.

Our products are guaranteed to give you the results you want in 21 days or less, or your money back! 

With our 90-day guarantee, you can try our product risk-free and discover all the benefits. Need more help?

Our e-mail support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Contact us for help, and we'll make sure you're satisfied.

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